Estella Scrunchie
Estella Scrunchie

Estella Scrunchie

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Where lovely and delicate meets fashion and style, this lovely oversized scrunchie is beautifully embroidered and part of a collection of recycled textiles that have found new life as a must have accessory!

  • Available As Part Of Our Special Oversized Scrunchie Collection
  • Embroidered Polyester Tulle Blend
  • As part of our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint, this scrunchie is made from deadstock textiles. (What is deadstock?Ā Deadstock fabricsĀ are the leftoverĀ fabricsĀ fromĀ the fashion industry who overestimate their needs and then send them to the landfills. We rescue theseĀ deadstock fabricsĀ before they reach landfills and use them to create our beautiful scrunchies.)